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Converting & surface treatment

Converting & surface treatment

Today we know that plastics are polluting our oceans, waterways and natural habitats. BIM’s green chemistry is designed to eliminate the need for plastic in all types of packaging from food to cosmetics, while making recycling and fibre reclamation easier and more economic.

Functional and visual properties

Our expertise and chemical solutions are designed to support packaging producers in enhancing the functional and visual properties of the packaging and board product while improving productivity. BIM offers a wide range of surface and coating additives which help to preserve the quality of your product and extend shelf life by preventing water and oil penetration, improving performance properties such as printability, friction and flame retardancy.

Knowledge and flexibility

Our knowledge and our flexibility in manufacturing allow us to deliver solutions tailored specifically to the demands of each of your applications. Also, as the demand to improve productivity and quality at the coating stage are increasing, BIM’s coating additives and foam control chemistries make it possible to reduce defects and enhance product quality as well as value.