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Process hygiene

Process hygiene

A clean system and good production environment are essential for an optimised production process. BIM can provide you with comprehensive programmes including chemical solutions and expert knowledge for microbiological and deposit control.

Microbiological control and preservation

To stop growth of bacteria and spores in your end product, you need to take control of the bacteria situation. BIM has many years of experience in microbiological control and preservation to help you take control and meet your specific needs.

We have what your system requires – a complete green and environmentally friendly treatment, oxidising system and biocides for the more challenging situations. To ensure an effective treatment and follow-up, our offering also includes BIM’s advanced dosing and control equipment.

Deposit control

Deposits can cause large process and quality problems for packaging producers. BIM’s comprehensive programme, consisting of application experts and cleaning and inhibition agents, will keep your system clean whether you need shock treatment during shutdowns or a continuous treatment.


To get rid of your organic pitch problems, our anti-pitch chemistry is tailor-made for your specific pitch problems.


Whether you have unwelcome inorganic contaminants in the headbox or in the short circulation, we can help! Our expertise and chemical solutions provide the tools you need to eliminate barium sulphates, calcium oxalates and calcium carbonates in your process.