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It's all about the fibre

As a pulp producer you are facing many challenges – variable fibre supplies, sources and qualities combined with the need to meet regulatory demands and quality improvements while reducing overall operating costs, to mention just a few.

With BIM at your side, you have access to our chemical expertise that can help you in analysing and optimising your chemical processes to deliver savings for your mill operations. All the way from wood preparation to pulping, while maintaining a sustainable profile.

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Together we can make strong, high-quality pulp

High quality finished paper and board require high quality fibre. Whether the purpose is to create strength, brightness or smoothness in the paper and board products, BIM has the solution.

Our pulp experts can help you maximise the utilisation of your raw material – the tree! Through their profound knowledge combined with our chemical solutions and analysis tools, they can add real value to your process and help you produce pulp according to required needs.

Wood fibre is a limited resource. Producing high-quality pulp in a cost-effective and sustainable way demands efficient programmes throughout the whole process.

Cost benefits, removing bottlenecks and production increases can be achieved through very small changes in the system to a complete process change. You just need to know what to look for and how to do it – our pulp specialists can provide you with that expertise. Their profound knowledge combined with our chemical solutions and the BIM Way of Working will add real value to your process.

Supporting you for a cost-efficient and sustainable process