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Silicates for environmentally friendly protection

BIM has a long experience of producing and applying Silicates (water glass) in different industries. Silicates is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient treatment for several areas:

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Fish farming and watercourse treatment
  • Bleaching of mechanical pulp
  • Oil wells
  • Concrete construction

The water quality can change quickly, especially with snowmelt or a lot of rain. The addition of Silicates provides protection and detoxes the water – both for us humans and fish.

Clean and fresh drinking water is essential

Drinking water is perhaps the most important nutrient we have. The water treatment plants largely produce good quality water but still the water absorbs too much heavy metals from the pipes on its way to consumers. The most well-known metals are iron, copper and aluminium. In addition to this, the bacteria can multiply in the pipes through the formation of biofilm or other deposits on the pipe, where bacteria thrive and receive nutrition.

By adding silicates, BIM can help ensure a good quality of drinking water at low costs, both for the municipality and consumers. BIM Silicates immediately raises the pH and reacts with heavy metals in the water resulting in clean water for the consumer.

It is a matter of making the right decisions with regard to the protection of existing pipes through a good water treatment system in combination with a plan for the replacement of damaged pipes.

In the 90s, several plants in Norway experienced problems with weakened or dead fish due to high levels of aluminium, iron and copper on the gills, low pH leading to  high mortality when exposed to the lake. BIM took on this challenge to both improve living conditions for the fish while contributing to a significant financial gain for the breeders by introducing our Silicates.

Addition of Silicates (water glass) to hatcheries, smolts, brood stock and rivers improves the water quality, thereby improving the living conditions for the fish and reducing fish mortality.
The Silicates combines with toxic heavy metals such as aluminium, copper and iron in the raw water and forms harmless compounds. This reaction is immediate by proper mixing of water glass, and even damaged fish can regain strength after a severe precipitation of heavy metals on the gills.

Better growth and living conditions for farmed fish