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A brighter sustainable future

At BIM, we have the knowledge and chemical solutions to provide value to both production and the surface properties of all paper and board qualities across the whole supply chain. As the sustainability focus and demand is increasing, we realise that surface properties require special expertise. Our expert team has many years of experience of surface treatment and is dedicated towards creating a more sustainable and safe society by reducing dependency on plastics and enabling reuse of resources.

BIM green barrier chemistry is designed to eliminate the need for plastics in all types of packaging

As the pod protects the pea, so packaging material is all about protecting, preserving and maintaining the content from external influences. However, we have come to realise that the packaging afterlife starts to be the main issue.

Plastic packing waste is a global problem and the whole life cycle must be taken into consideration. Today we know that plastics are polluting our oceans, waterways and natural habitats – “the plastic crisis”.
Green chemistry plays a key role in developing safe, biobased and sustainable fibre-based packaging.

BIM’s green barrier chemistry is designed to eliminate the need for plastic in all types of packaging from food to cosmetics, while making recycling and fibre reclamation easier and economical.

BIM Barrier programme

Increased competition and higher consumer demands makes it even more important for paper and board producers to stand out from competition, while maintaining a good cost structure.

Paper and board can be coated for several reasons, such as improving surface smoothness and strength, get better printability, increase brightness and opacity or improving water resistance.

Through our extensive knowledge and biobased BIM Coat programme, we can help you reach new functionalities and finetune your paper and board grade to new customers and end use areas.

The BIM Coat coating additives improve

  • Hydrophobicity
  • Dimensional stability
  • Print quality
  • Coater runnability
  • Blade life
  • Surface strength and elasticity

Adding functionality and value to paper and board surfaces