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GDPR for Job Applicants

Purpose of process

We process your data in order to:

  • Manage your application and to be able to evaluate, compare and match with the needs we have for resources.
  • Store your data as indicated below so that we can contact you if a new need should arise within the storage period.

How we process

  • We compile the information you submitted and compare with other candidates as well as with our needs.
  • We check the information verbally with references and also supplement the information with whatever data that we receive from these references.

What we process

  • We primarily process such information that you submitted to us in your application, i.e. your resumé and your personal letter.
  • We supplement this information with data from references in order to obtain a picture, as useful as possible, of you as a candidate.

Legal basis

Legitimate interest
  • In the processing detailed above we consider and weigh your interest in privacy in relation to our interest (as indicated above under “Purpose”) in performing the processing.
  • We balance these interests, considering and balance both positive and negative effects and draw the conclusion that our interest is legitimate.

Collection and distribution

  • The data we have about you is primarily collected from you.
  • In connection with the application we can may collect data from references.
  • We do not share your application unless we have specifically requested to.

Storage time

  • We only keep your data for as long as we judge to be legitimate, taking into account what is indicated above regarding legal basis and purpose, in this case, 12 months from the time of your application (unless you request otherwise, which we of course will respect).
  • If you are subsequently employed by us, the data in your application will be stored and processed in accordance with what is stated in our policy for processing of employees’ personal data.