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Our strategy to further improve the environmental performance of our business and our offering, is simple but also challenging. To create business benefits and prevent pollution we must manage resources – in terms of hazardous substances, waste, energy and raw materials for products – in a more efficient and responsible way than ever before. To succeed we must also improve communication throughout the value chain. Therefore, we prioritize the following activities:

  • Substitute hazardous chemical substances with less harmful ones
  • Increase the proportion of renewable resources in our products
  • Understand the end-of-life scenarios of our products better
  • Review energy performance as a baseline to decrease energy use, use of finite resources and emission of greenhouse gases
  • Reassess the waste concept to minimise waste amounts and retain high resource quality circulation
  • Improve information flow of regulatory and product safety aspects in the value chain


In compliance with laws and regulations

At BIM we always act in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations. All employees undergo training to know and act on legal and regulatory requirements relevant to their business responsibilities. Yearly follow-up is conducted in accordance with our internal review process.


Third party tools supporting continual improvement

The third party reviewed integrated management system for environ­ment and quality is a central tool to support our everyday work with continuous improvement.


Maintaining a continuous stakeholder dialogue

We value our stakeholder relations and strive for an open and honest dialogue with authorities, local communities, industry associations as well as actors in the value chain. An intensified work to enhance the communication has been initiated and will stay in focus the next couple of years.


Our environmental commitment is in accordance with the UN Sustainability Agenda 2030, in addition to the identified significant environmental risks.


Full version of Environmental Policy at BIM group


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Business Ethics

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General Data Protection Regulation

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