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At BIM we are well aware of the chemical industries’ role and challenges in a modern eco-oriented environment. As a supplier of chemicals within the pulp and paper industry, we act as an enabler of a more sustainable future, helping our customers in enhancing their energy, water and fibre efficiency. By creating closer working relationships with customers and partners, looking into future prospects, we contribute in making the pulp and paper chemistry greener and life on earth more sustainable, healthy and inspiring.

Based on our knowledge about the development of sustainable solutions, we are committed to always trying to do more with less. Thus, we will use our expertise and imagination to be more innovative and use the world’s limited resources efficiently. We will therefore continuously make real changes in the way we work, and it will involve all our employees.


Committed to the United Nations sustainability goals

Sustainability development at BIM are done in accordance with the UN Sustainability Agenda 2030, which states that sustainable development is defined as “development that satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs”. BIM also adapts the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and applies UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies.


The three focus areas for our sustainable work forward

Responsible Everyday Life – we take care of our human resources, focusing on health and safety – we create personal development plans, reduce accidents and incidents, and substitute hazardous chemical substances with less harmful ones.

Resource Efficiency – we are always looking to increase the proportion of renewable resources in our products and to better understand their end-of-life scenarios as part of a customer solution or concept. We also look for better ways to handle our own energy and waste resources.

Collaboration in Value Chain – building partnerships and increasing value in the supply chain is important for us. We believe we have a common interest in new innovations and alternative ways of in raising awareness of ethical and social responsibilities.

The focus areas mainly relate to the following UN SDG:

Full version of Sustainability Policy at BIM group



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