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BIM Barrier Concept to eliminate the need for plastics in all types of packaging

Packaging materials made from paper and board serve as essential tools in reducing our reliance on polluting plastics by substituting them…

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PRESS RELEASE: Sweden’s first speciality chemical supplier celebrates 50 year anniversary!

August 21, 2023 This year, BIM Kemi celebrates 50 years as a supplier of specialty chemicals to the pulp and paper…

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50 years in business

A different road to success BIM Kemi is celebrating 50 years in business – an important milestone that deserves celebration and…

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Innovations are crucial to meet future challenges

Innovation has always been part of mankind, from the time we star ted using tools to the moon landing, we have…

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Proudly presenting BIM Sustainability report 2022

Your mission, Our challenge! A statement that I proudly can say BIM Kemi has committed to and taken on headstrong during…

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BIM R&RA – BIM Repulpability and Recyclability Assessment

Proud to be able to offer our customers yet another in-house developed method to fulfil sustainability requirements in validating the green…

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Barrier coatings as green chemicals for a sustainable future in the paper industry

The rising awareness of environmental issues puts new demands on the paper and pulp industry. But the switch to more sustainable…

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Pulp production is an enabler of a sustainable future, but can they do it on their own?

Changing global market conditions require pulp producers to manufacture pulp of a higher quality while lowering overall operating costs. Specialty chemicals…

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Killing the bacteria is not the only way!

There are many ways to handle microbiological deposits in the papermaking process. The Bimogard concept is a unique green alternative to…

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BIM KEMI AB has been awarded a Gold medal as a recognition of EcoVadis Rating

Ranked among the top 5 % in our business sector with regard to sustainability efforts For the fourth year in a…

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